The Art Book

At Ruben Parra Studio our Art Books are artistically designed to offer unique story telling so that your memories are preserved into a timeless treasure through one of the world’s finest handcrafted album companies.

Ruben Parra has partnered with Renaissance and Queensberry for delivering high standard photographic books. Our team of experts will correct, enhance, and highlight your best photos in accordance with the custom design of your album.


Renaissance Albums are crafted by hand using only the finest materials. From European leathers to Japanese silks to papers from the highest quality U.S. mills. All books are inspected and re-inspected to ensure they have achieved our definitive standards. The quality of workmanship and materials built into Renaissance Albums offers a lifetime guarantee. All materials are carefully handled and wrapped. Each corner is folded meticulously in a certain way. You will without a doubt experience the hours of dedication taken to create a single album. Renaissance Albums are made in New York which enables to ensure their high quality and timely deliver.


Queensberry Albums date back to 1969 as a handcrafted leather business in New Zealand. Up to this day Queensberry remains a family business carefully overseeing each product. Offering a wide range of books, clients will have distinct options to personalize each book. From handcrafted albums, to press books, to their extraordinaire Musée Album, you will always have a high end option for your memories.

Queensberry Albums are made only by special order of the client.