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Q: How do I know if it’s the right photographer for me?

A: The easiest way to ensure you have the perfect photographer is to check their samples firsthand, judge it against competitors, and see if their work matches your budget.

Q; What is your studio’s photography style?

A: We believe in capturing the natural beauty in each moment, be it a hug, a smile or the way a dress flows with each step. More importantly, deftly capture these events with classic picture styles without being seen, meaning we don’t set scenes or poses.

Q: How long should my session be?

A: Every wedding is unique. Work closely with your photography team to ensure every event is covered from start to finish. We recommend, on average, 8 hours.

Q: When should I book a second photographer?

A: A single photographer can generally cover up to 150 guests. If you have a larger event or more guests, a second photographer can help ensure no moment is missed.

Q: What are your rates?

A: As every wedding is different, prices can vary based on the size of the wedding, specific event needs, or even packages. Contact us directly to get a quote.

Q: How do I get an album?

A: Your photographer will give you the opportunity to have an artisanal album created with leather cover and binding. It can be crafted based on your specific needs and style.

Q: When should I book your services?

A: Check our process page for more information. It offers a full timeline of what’s to come so you can plan far ahead.

Q: Do you photograph other events?

A: We pride ourselves on being versatile. Please don’t hesitate to request personal or professional event support by contacting our studio directly.

Q: Will we meet before the wedding?

A: You will meet with your photography at least twice before the big day. Both meetings will ensure we create a personalized plan to suit your every need.