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Sara Odette Battikh & Fadi Turjman

February 16, 2019 in Panama City, Panama


February 6th 2013, Sara traveled to Boston to visit her childhood friend for the weekend. Sara hopped on a plane from Penn State University Park Airport without having idea that her flight would be the last to land in Boston Logan Domestic Terminal, due to the upcoming mega snowstorm Nemo. A state of emergency was declared, and people were asked to stay home for safety reasons. Ironically, that “home lockdown” weekend Sara and Fadi met. Immediately, they clicked while common backgrounds and passions grew stronger as the two got along. The love continued across states and subsequently borders when Sara moved to Panama and Fadi to Guatemala after finishing their studies. Five years later, he proposed at the American Trade Hotel in Panama City by surprising her in a supposed “charity event” which the only two to attend were Sara and Fadi.

The wedding planning immediately started when Sara and her mom chose Grupo Pompa, led by Carlos Mastellari and Carlina Terrientes to oversee all the planning and decor. Meanwhile, her wedding dress was being customized by Ziad Nakad, Sara’s favorite Lebanese Designer.  A year of endless and fun meetings with providers resulted in what guests would call “a fairy tale wedding”.

More than 300 guests from abroad traveled to Panama to witness a multicultural wedding ranging from Lebanon, Venezuela, Jordan, United States, and Guatemala. The weekend started on Friday with a White Sunset Party at the American Trade Rooftop. Panama hats, cuban cigars, and colorful cocktails set the mood for the night.

On Saturday February 16th, 2019, Sara started her day with her bridesmaids getting ready for the night. The ceremony was held at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral by the Metropolitan Bishop for Central America. The reception took place at Casa Veranda , where live music orchestra was playing as more than 600 guests arrived. Sara’s dream was to recreate an Arabic garden and Pompa made it happen. The decoration consisted of thousands of roses, tulips, and orchids; glass birds flying in the ceilings, and modern archs and gardens surrounding the stages. A seventh-meter-long table with miniature desserts and a twelve-floor wedding cake greeted guests as they walked into the venue. Food choices consisted of international live cooking stations along with a variety of cold cuts and entrees table. The bar was equipped with the best liquor and champagne stations surrounded the dance floor.

The party started with the groom’s traditional middle eastern entrance accompanied by an Arabic band, followed by flying fairies to announce the entrance of the Bride from the upper stage. The party kicked-off and lasted until 6:00 a.m with live artist performances and DJs from Miami and Panama. The theme for the “Hora Loca” was International Love; neon props, mini flags hats and shots were distributed by the flying fairies.  The day after, a brunch and Panama Canal Tours were offered for the guests from abroad.

Following the celebration, Fadi and Sara traveled to Hong Kong, Bali and Maldives, where the magic of the wedding continued.



Decor: Pompa
Videography: Kaito Voloj
Wedding Dress: Ziad Nakad
Make up / Hair : Axel Anderson Itziak Gomez
Fotógrafo Asociado: Roy Cal